Wander Bigger began brewing in my head years ago as a vague idea of doing bigger things in outdoor adventures and life in general. Destinations are great, but getting there is often the best part. Often, there are many other things to see and explore on the way. So, I like to wander. And I’ve tried to push myself physically in fitness and skill, and mentally expanding my comfort zone in my wandering and other endeavors as well.

I’ve also thought for several years about organizing races in places that I love, to be able share these amazing places.

I had cancer and successful treatment in 2016, which I’m incredibly grateful for everyday. Because of my recovery and my return to running going much better than I expected, I decided I needed to do something about it.

Wander Bigger Running is my attempt to share some of the places I love and give back to the running community.

More races coming soon.

Wander bigger,
Brian Nelson